Daley joins House Democrats to unveil “Plan For PA”

HARRISBURG, Dec. 6 – State Rep. Mary Jo Daley joined a group of House Democratic lawmakers today to unveil Plan For PA, a comprehensive plan that puts people first, supports good jobs, fights for quality schools and promotes a fairer tax structure.

“The Plan for PA is all about creating jobs, ensuring our educational system is as top notch as it can be, and really having a focus on working families,” said Daley, D-Montgomery.

The House Democratic Plan for PA focuses on four components:

  1. A People First Plan for PA that protects the safety, health, financial security, and dignity and opportunity that every Pennsylvanian deserves, not just those at the top.
  2. A Jobs Plan for PA that attracts good jobs that support families, moves the economy forward, expands opportunities for working people, and protects the financial security of the middle class.
  3. A Quality Schools Plan for PA that gives every child access to a safe school and a quality education, and allows adults to gain the skills and training they need to do the jobs businesses are looking to fill. 
  4. A Fair Taxes Plan for PA that eases the tax burden on working people and homeowners and prevents corporations and the wealthy from exploiting the middle class.

“The idea of creating jobs and having really world class education from kindergarten through college or technical school, prepares our young folks for jobs of the future,” Daley said. “I think this is really important because we not only want to educate our students, we want them to stay in Pennsylvania after they graduate. But we need to do the work to ensure that they want to continue to live here.”

More on the House Democrats' Plan for PA is available at https://www.pahouse.com/.