DeLuca highlights 'good government' bills at news conference, calls on State Government Committee chairman to move bills

HARRISBURG, April 17 – At a Capitol news conference today Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, highlighted his package of “good government” bills aimed at increasing political transparency and expanding voter rights throughout the commonwealth.

DeLuca also expressed his frustration that the bills have been sitting in the House State Government Committee for more than a year with no action.

“My bills are about accountability and accessibility,” DeLuca said. “Earning and keeping the public trust are a public official’s most important responsibilities. The citizens of Pennsylvania deserve to know that their concerns are the number-one priority in the minds of lawmakers.

"At the same time, Pennsylvania voters deserve the broadest possible access to the polls to make their voices heard. Both of these are important components of our Democratic Plan for PA, which puts people first. Unfortunately, my bills that would further these objectives have been stuck in committee for more than a year without a vote.”

DeLuca’s package of “good government” bills includes the following: 

  • H.B. 945, which would allow for same-day voter registration;
  • H.B. 946, which would establish an early voting process in the commonwealth;
  • H.B. 947, which would require a candidate holding one office to resign from that office before running for a new elected position; 
  • H.B. 948, which would limit legislators’ outside income to 35 percent of their base legislative salary; and 
  • H.B. 949, which would require legislators to disclose the amount and source of outside income.

“My bills would be a major step toward making our government work better in the commonwealth,” DeLuca said. “But without action by the majority chairman of the committee, they’re stuck in limbo. I’m urging my colleagues—and the public—to join me in telling the chairman to move these bills out of committee so the full House can give them the debate and consideration to which they’re entitled.”

DeLuca added that people also wishing to urge the chairman to take action on these bills should visit and complete the form.