OPINION: Latest Republican budget plan burns us all

On Tuesday, in the Capitol of the state home to the most famous unstoppable mine fire in the world, 17 House Republicans proposed cutting coal-mine and industrial site clean-up funds to avoid taxing drillers and energy companies.

The irony only pales to the absurdity and recklessness of the entire plan.

Also filed under heartless, mindless and gutless:

  • Proposed cuts to the Compulsive and Problem Gambling Treatment Fund while attempting to expand gambling across the state;

  • Cuts to the Job Training Fund, Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority, Industrial Development Fund and Manufacturing Fund as the rust belt creeps farther across the state;

  • A suggested raid on the Motor License Fund – which is made up of money drivers already paid to fix roads and bridges that are in historic disrepair.

Republican budgeting has become little more than a bonfire of tea party schemes that will consume Pennsylvania, its resources, air, water, health and economy before it burns out.

Soon in Pennsylvania, it won’t take an actual fire to destroy a community. It will just take not learning from one.