Innamorato, Ravenstahl announce $120K to assist in Polish Hill affordable housing redevelopment

PITTSBURGH, July 16 – A project to rebuild a spate of fire-damaged properties in Polish Hill as well as renovate three additional homes in central Lawrenceville has been selected to receive state housing support funding, state Reps. Sara Innamorato and Adam Ravenstahl, announced today.

The Lawrenceville Corp.’s Community Land Trust Phase 3, which would create eight affordable housing units and rehabilitate three other structures, was selected to receive $120,000. The project location in Polish Hill has been vacant since a fire destroyed several structures on the site in 2007.

“When we are able to take a fire-ravaged property and restore it to provide housing and benefits for the entire community, that’s a good thing,” Innamorato said. “Projects like this help restore our communities, while ensuring that existing homeowners and community members can continue to live in the neighborhoods where they have built their lives.”

“I applaud this decision by the state to invest in our community,” Ravenstahl said. “By helping rebuild this fire-damaged area, we’re helping revitalize the surrounding neighborhood, which will in turn attract additional investment and economic activity to the benefit of everyone in Polish Hill.”

"On behalf of Lawrenceville Corporation and City of Bridges Community Land Trust we are honored to receive these funds from our partners at the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency,” said Ed Nusser, the director of real estate for City of Bridges Community Land Trust. “This marks the second year in a row that PHFA has invested in our work to create permanently affordable housing. We are thankful for the support and bold leadership of both Representative Innamorato and Representative Ravenstahl to address the critical housing issues our communities are facing."

The funding is provided by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority and comes from a portion of the impact fees collected from natural gas companies operating in Pennsylvania to address the housing shortages caused by the impact of drilling. Those funds are supplemented with two additional funding sources, including a portion of the realty transfer tax and money from the National Housing Trust Fund.

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