Safe Injection Sites Survey

It’s no secret that we are in an opioid epidemic with thousands of Philadelphians dying each year. As elected officials, part of our job is to listen to the people we represent, who trusted us to make decisions on their behalf.  There have been many possible solutions talked about – one of those is safe injection sites.

A bill just passed the PA Senate on May 1st and is coming to the PA House regarding safe injection sites. I wanted to make certain I reached out to you in advance of my vote.

Please fill out the following survey regarding safe injection sites. We need to know where you stand on this important issue today as I have heard from many of you over the years about safe injection sites, but some of the data and information has changed.

Are you in favor of Safe Injection Sites? *

How do you feel about a Safe Injection Site in your community and/or neighborhood? *

Do you have any other comments about Safe Injection Sites or do you want to further elaborate on your stance regarding Safe Injection Sites? *