Isaacson announces $3.1 million in safety grants for schools and behavioral health programs in her district

PHILADELPHIA, March 2 – State Rep. Mary Isaacson announced today that more than $3.1 million in state grants has been awarded to schools and behavioral health centers in her district to develop and implement safety measures, including research-based violence prevention programs, security planning and security-related technology.

“The safety of our children is a priority,” Isaacson said. “Ensuring that our children are safe at school where learning should be their only worry is our responsibility. This funding will provide for the most current technology and planning tools to make our schools and our neighborhoods safer for children.”

The following grants under the School Safety Grant and Community Violence Prevention/Reduction Grant programs have been awarded:

  • Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, $238,540 for a school-based behavioral health project.

  • City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services, $285,851 for Network of Neighbors Responding to Violence.

  • Philadelphia School District, $2,607,347 for research-based violence prevention programs that address risk factors to reduce incidents of problem behaviors among students, including bullying; security-related technology; trauma-informed approaches to education, etc.

These grants are among $60 million in safety grants awarded to schools and organizations across Pennsylvania. To learn more about the safety and security grant programs, visit the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency’s School Safety and Security webpage at