As COP26 gets underway, I'm standing up for climate action and calling on federal leaders to do the same

In my work as a state legislator, I stand up for the environment because I know that human existence hinges on our ability to get the climate crisis we’ve created under control. 

I stand up for the environment by speaking out and using my voice. I’ve introduced legislation, such as a resolution to acknowledge Plastic Pollution Awareness Day in Pennsylvania, and I’ve signed on to legislation introduced by my colleagues, such as H.B. 100, which would transition Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy by the year 2050

The work I’m trying to do in my own community and at the state level is important, but we need the entire world on board if we’re going to save our planet from the impact of climate change.  

This week, countries across the world are coming together in Glasgow for COP26, the 26th Conference of the Parties. It’s the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference to discuss how the world will address our climate crisis. And I’m raising my voice to call on our federal government to strengthen our national climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. We cannot wait to act. The United States is the largest historical contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. We have a responsibility to act as a world leader right now and take the necessary steps toward reaching net zero emissions by or before 2050. 

I recently watched as the residents of my own legislative district picked up the pieces after Hurricane Ida barreled through our communities and caused damage. The effects of climate change will heap storms the likes of Ida and worse on us if we don’t change our course now. We’ve all seen the footage of wildfires, flooding and drought that have happened in different areas of the U.S. in recent years. I will continue to do everything I can as a state legislator to make a difference in our fight against the climate crisis. And I’m urging leaders at every level of government, from my colleagues in the General Assembly all the way up to President Biden, to act now.