I believe in your right to peacefully protest racism, and that violence is never the answer

These past few days, as people have taken to the streets of Philadelphia, I have been listening. To those who are protesting peacefully, I am here with you, standing in solidarity with you, continuing to listen to you.

The murder of George Floyd is reprehensible, and I know that acts of violence against Black people in our country at the hands of police officers happens when cellphone cameras aren’t present, too. That is why I believe that we must reform the systems within our society so that they serve, equitably, all people. We must have systems that function fairly and justly, even when no one is watching.

I see what Black and Brown people in Philadelphia and beyond face every day. I am listening to their voices and I continue to learn from them. When I speak out as an ally, I am speaking to lift them up.

I am committed to doing all that I can to eradicate hate and racism and injustice it in all its forms. I believe that Black Lives Matter. I believe that a diverse community is a strong community. I believe in your right to peacefully assemble and protest when you see injustices that deserve justice. I believe that violence is never the answer. I take those ideals to Harrisburg every tie I vote.  

Personally, I condemn the acts of violence and intimidation on Girard Avenue earlier this week and throughout our Fishtown neighborhoods. Not only was the safety of residents and protesters compromised, but so was the freedom and right of the press to report on it.

I stand with everyone who is calling for justice and reform through peaceful protest and condemning the violence that has shaken our city.

I am an ally. And I will continue to listen.