Kenyatta joins Pa. attorney general to announce Kensington drug bust

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 15 – State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., joined Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Thursday for a news conference to discuss a major drug bust in Kensington.

Yesterday, more than 160 agents and officers representing all levels of law enforcement executed search warrants at 13 residences and of 15 vehicles. Eleven people were arrested in connection with the drug trafficking operation.

“The breakup of this drug operation is a testament to what can happen when state, local and federal law enforcement work together. I’m grateful to Attorney General Shapiro and his office for their work,” Kenyatta said. “While we must actively and aggressively pursue criminal justice reform, we must also work to stem this tide of poison flowing into our communities.

“I remain dedicated to doing all we can to fund drug treatment programs and workforce development initiatives. We must enhance social services to help folks get off of drugs and remain off of drugs. I stand ready and willing to work with law enforcement to ensure that those who make our communities less safe are held accountable and taken off the streets.”

The estimated street value of the heroin, fentanyl and other drugs distributed by this criminal operation is roughly $7.7 million. In addition to 983 grams of crack cocaine and 4,900 grams of heroin and/or fentanyl, agents also recovered three handguns, $13,000 in cash, and a piece of heavy machinery known as a kilo press used for packaging drugs.