Kim issues statement on state budget’s historic investments in education and public safety

HARRISBURG, July 6 – State Rep. Patty Kim, D-Dauphin/Cumberland, today issued the following statement regarding the state budget passed by the General Assembly Wednesday:

“Late on Wednesday night, in a bipartisan vote, the House passed the 2023-24 fiscal budget for the Commonwealth, which includes a $717 million increase in education funding. This is a historic investment in K-12 education funding that will help provide relief to our schools that are struggling financially.

“I was very proud to be part of this process -- knowing that each party succeeded in securing some of their respective efforts, including a much-needed allocation of money to help our talented students succeed in a rapidly changing world.”

“They are worth it and deserve the investment.”

Kim noted the following funding will be awarded to local school districts:

  • Harrisburg City School District - $12,166,916 (15.3% increase).
  • Camp Hill School District - $150,939 (5.9% increase).
  • East Pennsboro Area School District - $906,876 (9.6% increase).
  • West Shore School District - $1,619,171 (7.9% increase).

Kim said she also was pleased with projected Level Up funding for two districts:

  • Harrisburg School District: $2,718,453
  • East Pennsboro Area School District: $206,628

“As many are aware, this funding will help ‘level up’ school funding for our underfunded schools so their students will get the high-quality education they deserve.

“Additionally, this budget allocates $5 million dollars to the Harrisburg Fire Department -- money that will help keep us, our loved ones and the firefighters who risk their lives for us, safe.”

Finally, Kim said, the budget makes critical investments in the region’s economy and the health and welfare of its people:

  • Expands the Property Tax/Rent Relief program so that 175,000 new seniors and Pennsylvanians with disabilities will qualify for property tax and housing relief.
  • Invests $5 million in the Help at Home program to reduce the waitlist of seniors seeking services so they can stay in their homes.
  • $1 million in grants so senior community centers can make safety and accessibility improvements, repair or replace essential equipment, and invest in technology supplies.
  • Injects an additional $23.5 million for career and technical education, including increasing equipment grants to CTE programs by 170%.
  • Provides additional $50 million for housing through the Whole Home Repairs program.
  • Makes a $10 million increase in Violence Intervention and Prevention grant funding to help community-led efforts to improve public safety.
  • Provides $3.5 million for the Schools-to-Work program, which grows partnerships between career and technical education at schools and employers to create new opportunities for students.
  • Provides $7.5 million for indigent defense for the first time ever in PA, so public defenders have the resources to provide legal representation to defendants who cannot pay for it on their own.