Become a citizen sponsor of prison reform legislation that ensures compassion and police safety

Pennsylvania prison systems are overburdened, while falling short in fulfilling basic human needs, including nutritional health, medical parole for the terminally ill and aging, transitional support for veterans, safely coordinated visitation with loved ones and recognition and reward for successful reentry. At the same time we’ve failed to address the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens and the safety of those who have sworn to protect them. There is an opportunity to drive solutions that take care of incarcerated citizens, their families and law enforcement officials who have a sworn duty to protect them.

It is time to have serious conversations about breaking the cycles that continue to keep people in poverty and continue to overburden our prison system. It's time for serious discussion on how criminal justrice can and should be improved to give incarcerated people and their families the chance to live dignified lives while serving their sentence and when returing to their communities, as well as how these reforms can have positive impacts for communities and the commonwealth -- and then act on it.

I am signing on as a citizen sponsor of legislation that would make smart, equitable, compassionate and lasting changes to Pennsylvania’s prison system.  I ask my state representative and senator to do the same and help make a positive difference in people's lives.

I am checking the legislative proposals below that have my strong support: *

Other prison reform legislation I would like to see enacted includes: