Kinsey announces changes to district office staff

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., announced today that his district office staff is undergoing several changes to better serve constituents.

“I am very proud of the dedicated people on my staff who will be taking on additional responsibilities to enhance the services provided to the people of the 201st Legislative District,” Kinsey said. “I’ve seen firsthand how much each staff member cares about solving problems for our constituents. I’m confident that they will excel in their new roles.”

Genaye Channel is currently serving as the executive director of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus and will also serve as chief of staff in a dual capacity. She has held positions in federal and state government, mass communications, executive administration, organizational leadership and nonprofit management. Channel will oversee district initiatives, set strategic priorities for the 201st Legislative District, and manage district operations.  

Phil Jones, who has worked with Kinsey as a part-time legislative staff member for the past 6 years, will become the full-time director of Legislative Affairs. Jones will work with the House committees as well as other state departments in helping Kinsey develop legislation that will impact all Pennsylvanians.

Pat Tisdale, who has worked with Kinsey since he took office, has been promoted as the director of Constituent Services. In her new position, Tisdale will help connect constituents to services provided by the state, local and federal government.

These staffing changes come following the departure of Stacey Wright, who served as the long-time chief of staff for Kinsey. Wright will be joining the PA Department of Revenue, where he will oversee investigative operations.