Kinsey announces $5K state grant for Philadelphia’s only surviving Underground Railroad stop

HARRISBURG, Dec. 5 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., today announced a $5,000 state grant has been awarded to the Johnson House Historic Site that will go towards the continued preservation of historical records.

“The Johnson House Historic Site is the oldest home in Germantown and also the only Underground Railroad stop still standing in Philadelphia,” said Kinsey, chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus. “This home has served as a think-tank for agents of social justice and those seeking freedom. This grant will enable JHHS to showcase and preserve the contributions of these revolutionaries for generations to come.”

The Johnson House Historic Site will use the grant to organize and preserve its archives and special collections- comprised of historic materials that have been collected over the course of decades- and make them available for research and educational purposes.

The grant is funded by the Historical and Archival Records Care Grant Awards, administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. They are intended to improve the preservation and accessibility of historically significant records maintained by local governments, historical societies and academic institutions.

Projects include initiatives such as digitization; arranging, describing and rehousing collections into appropriate formats, containers, and environments; and disaster planning.

The grants are administered on a competitive basis and funding for the awards spans two years. Grants of $5,001 and above must include matching funds.

To learn more about the commission or the grant awards, visit the commission’s website.