Kinsey hosts news conference and community peace walk

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 30 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., along with other local elected officials, the 14th Police District and the 14th District Police Chaplains, hosted a press conference yesterday evening that was followed by a community peace walk.

This event was part of Kinsey’s Third Thursday Initiative, which was started in March as a monthly initiative to inform northwest Philadelphia residents of resources to stay safe from gun violence. The event has turned into a community peace march, where everyone who shows up walks throughout a neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia to demonstrate a unified call for an end to the gun violence plaguing the city.

This month’s event was in honor of Daniel Ruley, a father of seven who worked for SEPTA and who was killed in front of his home.

The hosts of yesterday’s event were joined by Masonic members and individuals who work for SEPTA, along with clergy, the Pennsylvania State Police, Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, EMIR and SEPTA Police.

At the press conference, each speaker came to preach the importance of the community coming together to eradicate gun violence they see.

Kinsey said he is hopeful that this initiative is making positive change.

“It is good that so many folks in our community are coming out and voicing their concerns and frustrations over the gun violence we’re seeing,” Kinsey said. “When we come together as a community, we have the power to make necessary changes for our community. Right now, that necessary change must be keeping us safe from gun violence.”

Kinsey shared background on Daniel Ruley.

“This man was a great example for our community and his life was senselessly taken and has left his children to grow up without their father,” Kinsey said. If something is not done on a city or state level to seriously address this issue that’s taking too many lives, we will see more lives taken too soon, and it will have very poor impacts on the victims’ families.”   

Kinsey said to Daniel Ruley’s wife, who was in attendance, “words can’t express the loss of a loved one, but your family has been extended.”

Kinsey gave special thanks to all community partners who have stood with him in the fight against gun violence and have pledged to support the Ruley family, including:

  • Captain Frazer and the 14th Police District.
  • Captain Massey of the 35th Police District.  
  • Captain King of the PA State Police. 
  • 14th Police District Chaplains. 
  • SEPTA.
  • PA Sen. Art Haywood
  • Honorable Donald C Jones, Most Worshipful Grand Master.
  • ELKS.
  • Eastern Stars.
  • EMIR.
  • G Lamar Stewart of the Phila. DA’s office.
  • Men Who Care of Germantown.
  • 7 G’s.
  • Action for Justice Collective.
  • Monday Morning Moms.
  • Tennessee Program.
  • 17 With Life.

See video from this event here: Kinsey's Peace Walk Honors Daniel Ruley - YouTube