Kinsey announces grant awarded to Northwest Victim Services for violence intervention and prevention

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 19 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., announced that a $135,000 grant has been awarded to Northwest Victim Services from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency for violence intervention and prevention.

The funding NVS has been awarded will be used to provide holistic outreach, support, resources and counseling to survivors of gun violence and to engage them in targeted and culturally specific ways.

“Gun violence has been a major problem in the city of Philadelphia over the past few years, especially here in the northwest,” Kinsey said. “Far too many lives have been senselessly taken, and it’s really ravaged our community. This funding is extremely important, and I believe that Northwest Victim Services will use every dollar they’ve been awarded in an effort to keep our community safe.”

Kinsey noted that he has done work with NVS during the past 15 years to keep communities in northwest Philadelphia safe.

Kinsey also noted that the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia was awarded $1.9 million. The Boys and Girls Club is not located in Kinsey’s legislative district, but it is in very close in proximity, and he said it serves northwest Philadelphia in its entirety and benefits many of his constituents.