Kinsey applauds court ruling for equitable school funding

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 8 – On Tuesday, a PA Commonwealth Court judge ruled that the current PA school funding system is unconstitutional.

The ruling was the result of a 2014 case by William Penn School District against the PA Department of Education, which was filed on behalf of parents, school districts and statewide organizations arguing that the commonwealth’s funding of K-12 public education is inadequate and violates the Pennsylvania Constitution.

The petitioners argued school districts in areas with low incomes and property values have been underfunded compared to school districts in areas with high incomes and property values.

State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., is one of many PA House Democrats that has fought for PA public schools to be fairly and equitably funded.

“Education is the building block to our children’s futures, and for far too long, PA school districts in low-income areas have been woefully underfunded,” Kinsey said. “Most of these school districts are in cities like Philadelphia that have high rates of poverty. The inequitable education funding their school districts have received over the years is a factor in continuing the cycle of poverty in these communities as it limits upward mobility for those living there. Every child deserves a quality education, and this court ruling is a massive step toward making that a reality for all Pennsylvania children.”