Kortz applauds Pa. Supreme Court ruling regarding UPMC/Highmark

HARRISBURG, May 29 – State Rep. Bill Kortz, D-Allegheny, said the state’s highest court did the right thing in overturning Commonwealth Court’s decision that the June 30 termination date in the UPMC/Highmark agreements cannot be modified.

Earlier this month, Kortz was among 60 state representatives and six senators who signed a legal brief supporting state Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s February lawsuit against UPMC, which sought to modify and indefinitely extend the UPMC/Highmark consent decrees that expire on June 30. Shapiro had filed an appeal to the state Supreme Court, asking the court to either expedite review of the consent decrees before they expire, or to keep them in place while the lawsuit is ongoing.

“I am pleased that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the lower court’s poor decision,” said Kortz. “I want to thank Attorney General Josh Shapiro for his excellent legal skills in taking on the goliath that is UPMC and winning this round at the high court level.

My hope is that after careful deliberation, the Commonwealth Court will come to the conclusion that an extension is warranted, allowing people continued access to the healthcare facilities and providers they trust.”

The state Supreme Court ruling returns the case to Commonwealth Court for further action.