Kortz: Bill to clarify laws regarding tasers, stun guns approved in committee

HARRISBURG, Sept. 24 – A measure to ensure Pennsylvanians are not arrested for possessing tasers or stun guns for self-defense purposes was favorably reported out of the House Judiciary Committee, state Rep. Bill Kortz announced today.

Kortz, D-Allegheny, said House Bill 585 was prompted by an incident involving a constituent, whose taser device was confiscated during a routine traffic stop. This constituent was later charged with violating Title 18, which addresses unlawful possession of an offensive weapon. However, Title 18 contains a provision that allows such devices to be used for the propose of self-defense, Kortz added.

“My constituent was unfairly charged with a crime following this traffic stop and had to pay over $2,000 in legal costs and related fees, all due to inconsistencies with current state statutes,” Kortz said. “My bill would make it clear that possessing and using a Taser or stun gun for the purpose of self-defense is legal, eliminating any future confusion and preventing future Pennsylvanians from being wrongfully arrested or convicted.”

The measure now heads to the full House for consideration.