Kortz issues statement following Sunday hunting bill signed into law

HARRISBURG, Nov. 27 – State Rep. Bill Kortz, D-Allegheny, Democratic chairman of the House Game and Fisheries Committee, issued the following statement today after Gov. Tom Wolf signed S.B. 147, which will allow hunting on three specific Sundays, into law:

“I am elated that this new law ends a ban on Sunday hunting that was in effect for over 300 years. It specifically allows hunting on three Sundays only: one during archery season, one during rifle season, and one that will be determined by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. For many people, including those working six days a week and many high school and college students who may not have time during the week, these Sundays are likely the only opportunity they will have to enjoy this sport.

"This bill was the culmination of compromise with all parties involved, including both chambers of the General Assembly and the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. Of note, we ensured specific language was included that will require hunters to receive written permission from a landowner before hunting on those three Sundays. In addition, the measure also makes trespassing a primary offense.

"With the governor’s signature today, only two states remain that don’t allow hunting on Sundays. I’m proud that Pennsylvania has taken such a historic step in ending a ban that was a holdover from the days when our great nation was under British rule.”