Kortz: South Allegheny and West Mifflin receive Safe Schools Initiative grants

DRAVOSBURG, Nov. 4 – State Rep. Bill Kortz, D-Allegheny, announced that two local school districts will receive money through the state's Safe Schools Initiative Grant Program.

South Allegheny School District will receive $40,000 from the state's Safe Schools Initiative Targeted Grant Program. The grant will assist the school district in paying for salary and other compensation for a school resource or police officer's position for the school year. Up to $2,000 of the grant may be used for approved safety training.

West Mifflin Area School District will receive $25,000 from the state's Safe Schools Initiative Equipment and Program Grant program. The grant will help fund the district's School Wide Positive Behavior Program. The district's Positive Behavior Program teaches and promotes positive school behavior.

"Keeping our students safe while they are in school is critical," Kortz said. "Students can't learn if they are afraid of bullying, violence or drugs in the building. Studies clearly show that students who feel safe in their school environment perform better academically.

"Having a trained officer on-site can make students think twice before engaging in risky, dangerous or otherwise offensive behavior, and can also dramatically reduce official response time in the event of an incident."

"Thank you to Governor Tom Wolf, Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera and state Senator Jim Brewster for working with me to assist the school district," Kortz added.