House approves bill requiring licensure of home inspectors

HARRISBURG, Oct. 18 – State Rep. Bill Kortz, D-Allegheny, said the state House of Representatives Tuesday approved bipartisan legislation that would require home inspectors to be licensed and establish statewide standards.

“A home is usually a Pennsylvanian’s most important and expensive asset and the investment deserves protections,” said Kortz, who sponsored H.B. 1001 with Rep. Sue Helm, R-Dauphin/Lebanon. “This measure will establish commonsense safeguards and standards, such as disclosing mold and other hazards, to help ensure that a person’s dream house does not become a costly nightmare.”

Kortz said the bill, which passed 125-63, would:

  • Require the owner to be notified of immediate threats to health or safety;

  • Provide standards for home inspection reports, including a requirement to disclose interior mold;

  • Require the home inspector to advise a client to obtain a professional evaluation in cases of interior mold; and

  • Establish a Home Inspector Licensing Board within the Department of Labor and Industry to establish licensing, and provide oversight of the profession.

“Current law does not provide any oversight of home inspectors,” said Kortz, who, as vice chairman of the House Professional Licensure Committee, helped guide the legislation to the full House.

“Considering that the nondisclosure of mold can inflict serious health issues and be financially devastating, it was extremely important to me to require both the disclosure of mold and the much-needed oversight,” Kortz said. “The measure would provide long-needed consumer protections.”

The measure heads to the state Senate for consideration.