Kosierowski announces spring cleanup

Annual event in Kavulich’s honor

TAYLOR, April 22 – State Rep. Bridget M. Kosierowski, D-Lackawanna, today announced her plans to host a regional spring cleanup event aimed at removing litter and winter debris from roadsides, creeks, riverbanks, parks and recreation areas Saturday. It continues a tradition begun by her predecessor, Rep. Sid Kavulich, who passed away in October 2018.  

“This is an event that was very important to Representative Kavulich,” said Kosierowski. “Giving back to the communities he served was something he found especially rewarding.”

The event, is also part of the Great American Cleanup of PA, and will take place from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 27. Residents and groups interested in participating, and local businesses interested in offering their support, can call Kosierowski’s office at 570-562-2350 for more information.

Rallying volunteers to support the cleanup in the Triboro area are officials from Taylor, Old Forge and Moosic. Local businesses will donate waste containers, transportation and disposal services.

“Teaching our young people to take pride in their town and giving back with their time and effort was something Sid valued, and I am honored to be able to continue this in his name,” Kosierowski said.

Borough public works departments are helping in the cleanup, with police departments from the Triboro area assisting to make sure the cleanup volunteers are kept safe.

The Great American Cleanup of PA is an annual event held in conjunction with the Great American Cleanup of Keep America Beautiful.