Kosierowski named to drug recovery study task force

HARRISBURG, July 25 – State Rep. Bridget M. Kosierowski, D-Lackawanna, has been appointed to serve as a member of a legislative task force to study drug recovery.

The task force will conduct a study on “warm handoff to treatment” for Pennsylvanians fighting drug addiction. It will explore options to make it easier for those who survive drug overdoses to receive treatment after being discharged from the hospital.

“I spent over 25 years working as a registered nurse and have seen first-hand the struggles loved ones go through battling addiction. We need to make sure overdose survivors get into treatment before it’s too late,” Kosierowski said.

Democratic Leader Frank Dermody, who recommended her for the task force, added, “Her years of experience in health care can only help to inform the group’s effort to improve how overdose survivors are stabilized and then treated. Nurses relate to people with care and compassion, and they have a special talent for quickly spotting simple and effective ways of doing things.”

The task force was created by H.R. 216, which was unanimously adopted by the House in June.

It will be assisted by an advisory committee consisting of physicians, emergency services representatives, law enforcement officials and drug treatment experts.

It will present a report on its findings and recommendations to the House within 18 months.