Krueger-Braneky announces 16 fire and EMS grants for 161st District, praises courage of first responders

FOLSOM, April 20 – State Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky, D-Delaware, congratulated the 17 fire and ambulance companies in her legislative district that will receive more than $170,000 in state grants.

"Time and time again our first responders run toward danger, sacrificing their time and safety for the benefit of others," Krueger-Braneky said. "Their bravery knows no bounds and we all owe them a debt of gratitude for the work they do in our communities."

The grants are made possible by the Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program, which is funded by gaming revenue. With the grant program set to expire on June 30, 2016, Krueger-Braneky recently voted for House Bill 1877, which would extend the program for another four years. The bill passed the House and is currently awaiting action in the Senate.

The organizations in the 161st Legislative District receiving grants are:

  • Aston Beechwood Volunteer Fire Company 1 (EMS), $7,201;
  • Aston Beechwood Volunteer Fire Company 1 (Fire Company), $13,789;
  • Brookhaven Fire & Rescue Company (EMS), $7,201;
  • Brookhaven Fire & Rescue Company (Fire Company), $13,561;
  • Folsom Fire Company No. 1, $12,878;
  • Garden City Fire Company 1, $13,561;
  • Green Ridge Volunteer Fire Company, $13,789;
  • Holmes Fire Company (EMS), $7,201;
  • Holmes Fire Company (Fire Company), $13,789;
  • Milmont Fire Company & Ambulance Service, $11,000;
  • S M Vauclain Fire Company, $7,201;
  • South Media Fire Company No. 1, $13,561;
  • Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association (EMS), $4,904;
  • Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association (Fire Company), $11,275;
  • Woodlyn Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 (EMS), $7,201;
  • Woodlyn Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 (Fire Company), $13,561.

"Unfortunately, many of our local volunteer fire and EMS companies are struggling with the cost of protecting our communities," Krueger-Braneky said. "These grants will help them continue to be safe as they keep us safe, and I hope the Senate quickly passes House Bill 1877 to keep this invaluable program alive."

Grants can be used toward repairing, building or renovating facilities. The money also can be applied toward the purchase of new equipment, training and certification of staff, or it may go to repay debt related to equipment purchases or facility building and maintenance.