Krueger-Braneky: Pennsylvanians want commonsense firearm reforms

STRATH HAVEN, May 9 – Joined by the House Democratic Policy Committee and Republican legislators, state Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky, D-Delaware, hosted the first legislative hearing on H.B. 1010, which would enact commonsense firearm reforms.

“Today we heard from the Pennsylvania State Police, the Upper Darby Police Department, victims of gun violence and national advocates, and the overwhelming theme that was repeated is that Pennsylvania needs the commonsense gun safety reforms House Bill 1010 would give us,” Krueger-Braneky said. “As legislators, we must not be paralyzed with the fear of what the NRA will say if we support his legislation. Our constituents support it and that should take priority over anything else.”

Krueger-Braneky is a co-sponsor of H.B. 1010, which would require all purchasers of firearms – including the private sale of long guns – to first undergo a background check. It would also permit the issuance of a single background check approval that would remain valid for 48 hours for use at gun shows across Pennsylvania.

"I commend Representative Krueger-Braneky for requesting this necessary hearing to bring attention to House Bill 1010," said Rep. Mike Sturla, chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee. "This is a major milestone in both community safety and convenience for those looking to lawfully purchase guns. I'm proud to be a co-sponsor of this commonsense legislation and proud to have the Policy Committee shedding light on the details."

House Bill 1010, which has bipartisan support in Delaware County from all but one of the county’s representatives and has never been the topic of a legislative committee hearing, would not change the law relating to familial transfers of firearms that do currently not require a background check.