Small Business Development Breakfast brings together local businesses, resources

SWARTHMORE, Aug. 2 – Bringing together small businesses and local resource providers, state Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky, D-Delaware, called last Thursday’s Small Business Growth and Development Breakfast at Neumann University a success.

“There are so many small businesses in our community and valuable resources for them, but people are busy working on their businesses and they don't have time to seek out help from the resource providers who can help their companies grow and thrive,” Krueger-Braneky said. “This event was about bringing all the resource providers to one place to make them easily accessible to small businesses in our district.”

“Our goal at the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce is to promote and facilitate business within the community, and part of that involves educating small-business owners to ensure that they’re fully aware of everything that can be done to help them,” said Trish McFarland, president, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. “Strong local businesses equal a strong community, and I value the opportunity to work with our business owners and provide them with information to keep their business growing.”

The breakfast, which was attended by approximately 45 small-business owners and resource providers, featured a panel discussion, the opportunity to converse one-on-one with guest speakers and information on state resources. The range of business owners stretched from health care, education and manufacturing to food service, design and technology.

“Helping local businesses be successful and grow helps the entire community by keeping our dollars local,” said Lenin Agudo, director of the Widener Small Business Development Center. “The educational programs and seminars we provide help create jobs, generate revenue and most importantly, keep local businesses’ doors open.”

“These events are excellent resources for our entrepreneur and small-business communities,” said Scott Deitrich, director of the Small Business Champion Network, Department of Community and Economic Development. “Often times the greatest resource we can provide is simply the information on the programs and services that are available. Entrepreneurs and small-business owners are passionate about what they do, therefore putting this information in front of them gives them the opportunity to build relationships and grow a successful business.”

Guest speakers included:

  • Scott Deitrich, director, Small Business Champion Network, Department of Community and Economic Development;
  • Trish McFarland, president, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce;
  • Lenin Agudo, director, Widener Small Business Development Center;
  • Steve Crumrine and Gerald Francis, chairman and past chairman, SCORE; and
  • Jennifer Tilden, lead business opportunity specialist, Small Business Administration.

“Regardless of whether someone is looking to start a business or if they’ve been open for decades, there’s always new information to learn and ways to adapt to help make a locally owned business as successful as it can be,” said Steve Crumrine, chairman of Chester County and Delaware County SCORE. “Fostering the success of a local business strengthens the bonds that help support our communities and helps sustain the entrepreneurial spirit.”