Krueger-Braneky appointed to four House committees

HARRISBURG, Jan. 24 – Calling it an extreme honor and privilege, state Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky, D-Delaware, announced today she has been appointed to four House committees: Appropriations, Commerce, Environmental Resources and Energy, and Labor and Industry.

“There are many urgent issues facing the Commonwealth right now and our policy work at the committee level is the first step toward systems change. I’m looking forward to continuing the work we did last session on the Environmental Resources and Energy and Labor and Industry committees, as well as getting involved in my two new committees, Commerce and Appropriations,” Krueger-Braneky said. “The Appropriations Committee specifically brings with it a great deal of influence and responsibility in the state budget process, and with Pennsylvania’s structural deficit issues, there will be no shortage of hurdles to overcome. I’m excited to be able to put forth new ideas and be part of the solution.”

The Appropriations Committee considers fiscal-related matters and conducts budget hearings each spring to review and evaluate the Governor’s Executive Budget proposal. It also has jurisdiction over the state budget process, the offices of Auditor General and State Treasurer and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

Krueger-Braneky returns to the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, which works with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to establish regulations on environmental issues, including air and water quality and waste management.

“Environmental issues are very important to me and I know they’re very important to the people I represent,” Krueger-Braneky said. “Last session, I held several news conferences calling for a better environmental policy than what was being put forth in Pennsylvania and I look forward to using my position on this committee to continue to push for better legislation and regulations to protect clean air and clean water.”

The Commerce Committee evaluates legislation involving the banking and financial services industries, economic development and small business. It also has oversight of the Department of Banking, Department of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, the Securities Commission and the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority.

The Labor and Industry Committee reviews legislation on issues such as the state’s minimum wage, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, building and construction codes and workplace health and safety.

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