Krueger-Braneky urges Meehan to vote against Trumpcare

SWARTHMORE, March 10 – Calling it a disservice to the constituents they both share, state Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky, D-Delaware, urged Congressmen Pat Meehan to vote against the TrumpCare plan being rushed through Congress.

“We’ve heard from countless officials and advocacy groups just how awful Trumpcare would be for America and specifically Pennsylvania,” Krueger-Braneky said. “Millions of people will be impacted and billions of dollars for our state are at stake. I urge Congressman Meehan to not give in to the political pressure to rush this bill through Congress and put his constituents and their best interests first.”

Officials in the Wolf Administration have said that Trumpcare would:

  • Have a devastating effect on public health services for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable populations, including children, seniors and those living in rural areas;
  • Give a tax cut to millionaires at the expense of working families in Pennsylvania;
  • Strike coverage from those seeking to treat a substance use disorder amid Pennsylvania’s opioid crisis;
  • Defund Planned Parenthood, putting women’s health care needs at tremendous risk; and
  • Force Pennsylvanians to pay more for less coverage.

Of the 700,000 Pennsylvanians who became covered when Medicaid was expanded via the Affordable Care Act in 2015, 31,712 live within the 7th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

“These are our friends, family members and neighbors who would be losing lifesaving affordable coverage,” Krueger-Braneky said. “At a time when Delaware County is disproportionately impacted by Pennsylvania’s opioid crisis, I cannot fathom voting to make addiction treatment services harder and more expensive to access.”

Krueger-Braneky’s letter can be viewed here.