Now open for applications: Keystone Communities, public transportation vehicles, substance misuse, and agriculture funding opportunities


Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture: Federal Specialty Crop Block Grant Program  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

Who May Apply:  State and local organizations, producer associations, academia, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders.

UseProjects that will increase visibility and competitiveness of the state’s horticultural specialty crops including fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, culinary herbs and spices, medicinal plants and nursery crops.

Funds: Requests may be made for a minimum of $20,000, provided the amount reasonably represents the cost of the intended project.

Application Deadline: Concept proposals due July 30

More Information: Click on Specialty Crops Grant Program (

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation: Section 5310 Private Nonprofit (PNP) Vehicle Grant Program  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

Who May Apply: Private nonprofit organizations and designated public bodies.

Use: To purchase new wheelchair accessible small transit vehicles used to provide transportation services for senior citizens and persons with disabilities who cannot be reasonably accommodated by existing transportation providers.

Funds: Federal capital assistance to pay up to 80% of the purchase cost.

Application DeadlineAugust 2

More Information: Click on

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency: Evidence-Based Programs (EBPs) Support for Substance Misuse Prevention  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

Who May ApplyPennsylvania Intermediate Units (IUs), Nonprofit organizations, Single County Authorities (SCAs), and Approved Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) Programs.

Use: Funding will support collaborative planning, capacity building, and implementation of new school-based prevention programs focused on youth in grades 6 through 12. The only eligible programs under this funding announcement are LifeSkills Training, Positive Action, and Project Towards No Drug Abuse.

Funds: PCCD expects to fund ten grants with budgets not to exceed $100,000 over the 1-year project period with a start date of October 1, 2021.

Application DeadlineAugust 3

More Information: Click on and choose “EBP Support for Substance Misuse Prevention.”

Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Product Promotion, Education, and Export Promotion Matching Grant  (Funding Source: General Fund)

Who May Apply: Nonprofit agricultural product promotion and marketing organizations.

Uses: To promote agricultural products, educate consumers, and grow export markets. This round will prioritize eligible projects that support the industry's recovery as it navigates and emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as projects that improve food security in the Commonwealth, including projects that improve access to nutritious food, decrease food waste in schools and other settings, and that leverage Federal, community and State resources through public-private partnerships.

Funds: Reimbursement matching grants. The department intends to make up to $303,000 available for grants under the program.

Application Deadline: August 6

More Information: Can be found in the July 3, 2021 PA Bulletin notice at

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development: Keystone Communities   (Funding Source: General Fund)

Who May Apply: Municipalities, counties, redevelopment authorities, housing authorities, economic development organizations, housing corporations, community development corporations, business improvement districts, neighborhood improvement districts, downtown improvement districts.

Use: To revitalize/stabilize/grow neighborhoods and communities and encourage social and economic diversity, including planning activities, façade grant programs, accessible housing programs, and development grants.

Funds: Planning grants up to $25,000, KC implementation and façade up to $50,000, development and public improvement up to $500,000, accessible housing up to $300,000.  Most grants have a $1-for-$1 match requirement.

Application Deadline: August 31

More Information: Click on  Discussion with DCED Regional Office highly encouraged prior to applying:


DEP Driving PA Forward Level 2 EV Charging Rebate Program: Until Funds Expended  (Funding Source: State Mitigation Trust - Volkswagen Emissions Settlement)

  • Business, charitable organizations, incorporated nonprofits, local government entities, school districts, and other entities. - Rebates for Level 2 EV charging equipment for public use at government owned property, public use at non-government owned property, non-public use at work places, non-public use at multi-unit dwellings.

Federal HUD FY 2021 Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program: July 12  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

  • States, cities, counties, Native American Tribes or other units of local government. - To identify and control lead-based paint hazards in eligible housing. 

DDAP Pregnancy Support Services: July 13  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

  • Community service providers able to serve pregnant and postpartum women with stimulant or opioid misuse issues. - To provide pregnancy support services or make referrals to aid pregnant and postpartum women with opioid use disorder.

DCNR Wild Resource Conservation Program: July 16  (Funding Source: Wild Resources Conservation Fund)          

  • Counties, municipalities, educational institutions, 501(3) (c) nonprofits, conservation districts, municipal authorities, individuals, state government agencies and for-profit businesses. - Field research and on-the-ground conservation projects that protect Pennsylvania’s non-game animals, native plants and their habitat.

DHS Children’s Trust Fund: July 19  (Funding Source: Children’s Trust Fund)

  • Any organization operating in Pennsylvania that provides direct services. To support community-based child abuse and neglect prevention projects.

PCCD 2021-22 PA Academic and Career/Technical Training (PACTT) Competitive Funding: July 23  (Funding Source: General Fund)

  • Privately operated residential facilities, community-based providers, and juvenile probation offices that are not currently PACTT Affiliates. - To develop programs in the following PACTT service areas that adhere to PACTT Standards in order to gain affiliate status: core programming; academic instruction; work related services; and job skills training.

CFA Multimodal Transportation Fund: July 31  (Funding Source: Multimodal Transportation Fund)          

  • Municipalities, school districts, private businesses, nonprofits, economic development organizations, public transportation agencies, railroad operators, port terminal operators. - Development, rehabilitation, and enhancement of transportation assets to existing communities; streetscape; lighting; sidewalk enhancement; pedestrian safety; connectivity of transportation assets; and transit-oriented development.

PA Fish and Boat Commission - Boating Infrastructure Grant Program: July 31   (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

  • Public and private operators of open-to-the-public boating facilities, including municipal agencies (cities, towns, counties, etc.), state agencies (State Parks, DNR, Fish & Wildlife, etc.), and other government entities. - The construction, renovation and maintenance of transient moorage (tie-up) facilities serving recreational motorboats 26 feet and longer.

PHMC Historical & Archival Records Care grant program: August 1  (Funding Source: Keystone Recreation, Park & Conservation Fund)          

  • Historical societies, libraries, museums, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, local governments, school districts. - Surveying, inventorying, preserving, arranging and describing historical records relevant to Pennsylvania.

Federal Communications Commission: Emergency Connectivity Fund: August 3  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

  • Schools, libraries, and consortia of schools and libraries (e.g., regional or statewide groups of schools or libraries that apply together) that are eligible for support under the FCC's E-Rate Program. - Eligible equipment includes Wi-Fi hotspots, modems (including air cards), routers, devices that combine a modem and router, and connected devices (laptop and tablet computers).

PCCD STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program 2022-2024 Competitive: August 3  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

  • County governments and non-profit victim service agencies. - To support cross-system, collaborative efforts to respond to victims of violence against women crimes.

PENNDOT 2021 Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside: Pre-application date: August 6, 2021; Final due date: October 15, 2021  (Funding Source: Federal Funds)

  • Local governments; regional transportation authorities; transit agencies; natural resource or public land agencies, including federal agencies; school districts, local education agencies, schools, tribal governments; a nonprofit entity responsible for the administration of local transportation safety programs; and any local or regional governmental entity responsible of transportation or recreational trails. - For projects and activities defined as transportation alternatives, including pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure projects for non-driver access to public transportation, community improvement activities, and environmental mitigation trails that serve a transportation purpose, and safe routes to school projects.

PCCD 2021 Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities Coordinators: August 30  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

  • Any private non-profit agency, public agency, or unit of local government. -  To support local jurisdictions in their efforts to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system through the hiring of a full time Racial and Ethnic Disparities (R/ED) Coordinator.

American Library Association: Libraries Transforming Communities - Focus on Small and Rural Libraries Program: September 16  

  • Libraries serving small communities and/or rural communities To develop a community engagement project.

DEP Section 902 Recycling Implementation Grant: September 24  (Funding Source: Recycling Fund)

  • Counties, cities, boroughs, incorporated towns, townships, home rule municipalities, councils of governments, consortiums or similar entities established by two or more municipalities. - To fund costs associated with developing and implementing a recycling program.

CFA Unserved High-Speed Broadband Funding Program: September 24  (Funding Source: General Fund)

  • Any nongovernmental entity with the technical, managerial, and financial expertise to design, build and operate a high-speed broadband service infrastructure within Pennsylvania. - Acquisition, construction, equipment, and site preparation costs associated with the deployment of high-speed broadband infrastructure to unserved areas.

DEP 2020 Recycling Performance Grants: December 30  (Funding Source: Environmental Stewardship Fund)

  • Any municipality with a recycling program in 2020. - Municipal recycling programs.