Longietti: $350,000 awarded to fund Sharpsville home rehabilitation projects

HERMITAGE, May 20 – The borough of Sharpsville was awarded $350,000 to fund home rehabilitation projects for low-income families, state Rep. Mark Longietti announced today.

Longietti, D-Mercer, said the grant funding under the HOME Investments Partnership Program will allow the borough to rehabilitate 12 owner-occupied homes. 

“Aging homes present a host of problems that can make life dangerous and difficult for low-income families, and the pandemic has only made it more difficult for homeowners to find room in the budget for repair costs,” Longietti said. “Sharpsville has a large percentage of aging homes and has benefitted from HOME funding for nearly two decades. Securing this funding means the program will continue to help residents ensure a safe place for their families.”

The grant is part of a package of more than $7 million to projects in 13 counties under the HOME program, which is administered by the state Department of Community and Economic Development. The program provides federal funding to help municipalities and local governments preserve and expand affordable housing for low-income Pennsylvanians.

The funds can be used for a variety of critical housing needs, including market-oriented approaches that offer opportunities such as homeownership or rental activities to revitalize communities with new investment. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides DCED the funds through the annual entitlement appropriation process.

More information about the grants awarded today is available