Longietti receives ‘Friend of Education’ award from Pa. Association of Intermediate Units

SEVEN SPRINGS, June 3 – State Rep. Mark Longietti, D-Mercer, was awarded the “Friend of Education” award – which recognizes a person or organization making a “significant impact” on childhood education – by the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units yesterday.

Longietti – who co-chairs the bipartisan, bicameral Pennsylvania Legislative Early Childhood Education Caucus and is Democratic chairman of the state House Education Committee – said he was honored to be recognized by the group, whose efforts improve student lives and open doors.

“Education is the great equalizer, and it represents the gateway to opportunity,” Longietti said. “When we invest in our children and provide them with the educational resources they need to succeed, we reap a harvest that is many times greater than our investment. 

“The Intermediate Unit professionals help maximize that investment through work that helps schools overcome obstacles, expand resources and strengthen special, individualized attention to students needing it.”

Longietti accepted the award at the association’s annual conference held at Seven Springs.

The Intermediate Units are regionally based and provide a range of services to schools in their area, including in the fields of special education, technology, finance, human resources and transportation. Schools in Mercer County and the region are served by Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV in Grove City.