Protecting yourself: How to detect gas pump credit card skimmers

In the wake of credit card skimmers being discovered on gas pumps in the Hermitage area by the state Agriculture Department's Division of Weights and Measures during a recent routine inspection, I wanted to provide you with some helpful information about how to detect them and protect your bank account.

Gas pump credit card skimmers are readers that steal the information from the magnetic strip off your credit or debit card when you insert it in to a gas pump card reader. Four state agencies have put together this helpful video:

gas skimmers PV

Produced by the state departments of Banking & Securities, Agriculture, the Attorney General’s Office and the state police, the video is available by clicking here or on the image above.

Some warning signs that the pump may have been tampered with include:

  • Card reader seems loose;

  • Card reader does not match other readers at the station; and

  • Tamper-resistant tape either missing or reads VOID.

Knowing how skimming works and what to look for are the best ways to protect yourself from the crime.

Please click here to download an information card about skimmers.