November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

Know your risk. Get tested.

Almost half of American adults have diabetes or prediabetes, which creates a lifelong burden and can lead to serious complications when not effectively managed. That's why it's so important to know your risks and get tested.

As co-chairman of the House Diabetes Caucus, I want to provide you with the information you need about diabetes and the risk.

Diabetes is a serious disease that can often be managed through physical activity, diet and appropriate use of medications.

People with diabetes are at increased risk for other serious health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, amputation and blindness.


You can cut your risks in half through the Centers for Disease Control-recognized diabetes prevention programs. Take the risk assessment test and learn what you can do to make a change.

An estimated 30.3 million people have diabetes; of those 7.2 million, or 23.8 percent, are undiagnosed.

To learn more about prediabetes -- which impacts 1 in 3 adults -- click here.