Rep. Madden brings home nearly $1 million in state grants for water/sewer plans

EAST STROUDSBURG, Sept. 18 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, announced three state grants totaling $989,625 for her district – two that will help to upgrade water and sewer systems in East Stroudsburg and a third for flood repairs in Paradise Township.

“I am pleased that the state is providing support for all three of the programs because they are worthwhile projects for my constituents,” Madden said. “I commend local and county officials for their input and work on these water-related projects.”

Madden outlined the projects planned:

  •  $400,800 grant will be used to replace a water line located in East Stroudsburg. The replacement of this water line will ensure the continued delivery of safe drinking water in the borough. Total project cost is $474,800.

  • A $198,375 grant will help to purchase and install an emergency generator for Well #3 in East Stroudsburg. The project is expected to improve operation reliability of the borough’s water supply and ensure continued delivery of safe drinking water. Total project cost is $233,383.

  • A $390,450 grant will be used for flood mitigation repairs to the Lake Swiftwater Dam located in Paradise Township. The project will consist of repairing the spillway, upgrading the earthen dam to ensure downstream safety by lowering the top of the dam, filling in part of the dam with a berm, and armoring the crest and downstream face of the dam with concrete. Total project cost is $2.17 million. The funding is from the Flood Mitigation Program.

The Small Water and Sewer Program is administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority for water and sewer projects that cost between $30,000 and $500,000 and involve the construction, improvement, expansion, repair or rehabilitation of water supply or sanitary sewer system which is owned and maintained by a municipality or municipal authority.

The CFA is an independent state agency that evaluates and administers funding for projects.

Madden thanked the CFA board for recognizing the value of the projects.