Rep. Madden brings home $800,000 for Monroe County Airport

MONROE COUNTY, May 25 – State Rep Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, announced that the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport will receive an $800,000 grant through the state’s Aviation Transportation Assistance Program.


The grant will help pay for the $1.6 million total project cost to construct hangars.


“Our local airport is an important part of the transportation infrastructure,” Madden said. “The airport employs people within our community and services thousands of flights each year.”


In 2017, Madden was successful in acquiring an $800,000 grant to the same airport to upgrade its facilities. In total, Madden was responsible for getting $1.6 million in transportation funding to her region.


“I am committed to making this airport a valuable transportation resource and like all other projects, it must be upgraded in order to meet supply demands and keep the jobs here,” Madden said.


The state grants are distributed through the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, which is a capital budget program funded with bonds. The state grants are matched with local funds. The public use airports in Pennsylvania are eligible for the Aviation Development Program.


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