Rep. Madden responsible for $1.4 million state traffic grant in Monroe County

MONROE COUNTY, July 12 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, is pleased that Monroe County will get $1.41 million from the state’s Green Light-Go Program.

Madden said the state funding will help with traffic signal systems in Pocono Township at seven intersections along State Routes 611 and 715,  at 10 intersections along U.S. Route 209 in Smithfield Township and Middle Smithfield and in Stroud Township adding an intersection to the existing system and a traffic light signal system at four intersections along State Route 611.

“My constituents will be able to walk and ride across these busy intersections much safer and with ease,” Madden said. “One of my main concerns as a legislator is making the roadways easier, safer and quicker to travel on and these projects do just that.”

The Department of Transportation’s Green-Light-Go program was established in 2013 as a traffic signal modernization and improvement program for critical corridors designed to improve safety and mobility by reducing congestion and improving efficiency on key state highways.

The program is competitive, requiring an at least 20 percent match for municipalities, counties or planning organizations that request assistance. Projects that qualify for the program include study and removal of unwarranted traffic signals; traffic signal retiming; development of detour, special event and operations plans, LED replacement, asset management, real-time monitoring of the signals, maintenance, innovative technologies, communications, upgrades and other traffic signal improvements.