Malagari: Support Pennsylvania crematoriums by cooling the °Fs down

HARRISBURG, May 24 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D- Montgomery, is introducing legislation that would help Pennsylvania’s 200 crematoriums operate more efficiently.

It’s recommended that crematoriums operate between 1400º F and 1800º F. Current regulations state any crematorium put into operation past April 1989 is required to operate with a temperature of 1800º F. But Malagari said that’s too high, and the temperatures need to be turned down.

“Operating at the highest temperature causes unnecessary burden on equipment, leads to higher fuel consumption, and increases environmental gas emissions,” said Malagari. “By dialing down the temperature a few hundred degrees, we would help mitigate the high costs for the state’s crematoriums.”

Malagari’s proposal would set the minimum operating temperature of a crematorium at 1400º F. All other regulations pertaining to the operation of animal and human crematory incinerators would be carried over into this statute.

“Most of the state’s crematoriums are family owned,” said Malagari. “With the recent and continued rise in demand for cremation services, this legislation would allow these businesses to operate in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, providing much-needed support for this industry.”

This legislation would be known as the Crematory Regulation Act. It’s expected to be introduced soon.