Malagari applauds $250,000 grant for Whistlestop Park

Hatfield, Sept. 7 – State Rep. Steven Malagari, D-Montgomery, today announced an investment of $250,000 in state funding from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the rehabilitation and further development of Whistlestop Park in Hatfield Township.

“I am happy our efforts have paid off,” Malagari said. “Along with myself, many people have been writing letters and advocating to ensure this public space gets the renovations it needs. This project will have an immeasurable impact on the health and recreational wellbeing of our local residents.”

Included in the rehabilitation plan is the renovation of pedestrian walkways and softball field; construction of an internal loop trail, pickleball courts, and stormwater management measures; installation of play equipment with required safety surfacing; ADA access, landscaping, project signage, and other related site improvements.

The funding was approved by the state DCNR in a statewide campaign to rehabilitate and expand parks, greenways, and other natural attractions. The money is part of a $90 million grant that is the largest single investment in Pennsylvania recreation and conservation in agency history, surpassing the previous record of $70 million in 2021.

Malagari said the projects will implement improvements to trails, pedestrian walkways, parking areas, stormwater management measures, and playground equipment with required safety surfacing.

More information on the projects is available here: