Malagari applauds $200,000 grant for new school buses

LANSDALE, Oct. 1 – North Penn School District will receive $199,435 to replace seven old diesel school buses with seven new cleaner energy propane school buses at North Penn High School in Lansdale, state Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, announced today.

Replacing the vehicles will help to remove 3.9 tons of NOx and other pollutants from the air annually. The Driving PA Forward Truck and Bus Fleet grant program aims to take 42 old diesel trucks and buses off the road, replacing them with cleaner alternatives.

“Transitioning our school buses to cleaner energy sources not only helps to combat climate change, but also helps to protect our children’s health from the poisonous fumes these diesel busses create,” Malagari said. “I am happy to see the state making these smart investments in schools like North Penn and beyond.” 

The funding is part of the Driving PA Forward initiative, which launched in 2018 with eight grant programs and the goal of permanently reducing nitrogen oxides in the state by replacing a large number of older diesel vehicles and equipment and promoting cleaner transportation technologies using money from Pennsylvania’s $118.5 million settlement with Volkswagen.