Shapiro signs Malagari liquor license bill to support local businesses

LANDSDALE, March 21 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, joined Gov. Josh Shapiro at the state Capitol this week for a ceremonial bill-signing of Malagari’s liquor license legislation, H.B. 1096.

"I am thrilled to see House Bill 1096 become law. Its passage represents a significant victory for our licensees and local economies," said Malagari. "This legislation offers a valuable opportunity for licensees to adapt to changing market conditions while simultaneously addressing the shortage of restaurant licenses in our counties. It's a win-win situation that supports our local businesses and strengthens our communities."

The primary objective of Malagari’s legislation is to assist licensees in converting their outdated hotel licenses, enabling them to eliminate the burden of liquor licenses they no longer require. The bill aims to address the shortage of restaurant licenses prevalent in various counties which will promote economic growth and provide increased opportunities for entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector.

Act 125 of 2020 initially allowed 350 licensees to convert hotel liquor licenses to restaurant licenses for $30,000 to help businesses facing location-based license issues. Malagari's legislation reopened the application window due to COVID-19, giving older hotel licensees the opportunity to convert, including a new category benefiting those with licenses issued before 1965.

Malagari expressed his gratitude for the bipartisan support his bill received throughout the legislative process. With the governor's signature, H.B. 1096 is now officially law, poised to provide much-needed relief to licensees and contribute to the vitality of local economies across the state.