Matzie: Nearly $500,000 in grants to fund water improvements for Beaver County

HARRISBURG, Sept. 18 – Nearly $500,000 in grants will help fund improvements to water storage and distribution systems serving Beaver County residents, state Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, announced today.

The grants – both approved by the Commonwealth Financing Authority – include the following:

• $425,000 to the Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa to replace water valves through the Aliquippa and portions of Hopewell, Raccoon and Potter townships. Because of the age of the system, the valves are often inoperable or do not seal properly. Replacement will enable smaller portions of the system to be shut down during maintenance so that fewer customers are affected. The total project cost is $500,000.

• $67,000 to the Creswell Heights Joint Authority, which provides treated water to four municipal locations, to install new solar mixers at three water storage tanks. Enhancing the mixing capacities of the tanks will help maintain water quality, help cut down on the disinfectant required, and help maintain the life of the tank. The total project cost in $79,090.

“When people turn on the faucet, they expect clean, safe water to come out,” Matzie said. “That takes maintenance and upgrades, which are costly. These grants help to ensure the continued availability of safe drinking water while reducing service interruptions.”

Matzie said both grants are funded by the Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Program.