Rep. Matzie: Report highlights issues with pharmacy benefit managers

HARRISBURG, Dec. 11 – State Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, issued the following statement today regarding Auditor General Eugene DePasquale’s report on pharmacy benefit managers.

“The auditor general’s report confirms and encapsulates what we in the legislature have been hearing for quite some time - PBM’s are overcharging patients and taxpayers untold millions of dollars and they are trying to drive local pharmacies out of business in order to fatten their own bottom lines. We have entrusted these companies with an enormous responsibility and an enormous amount of taxpayer dollars, but it’s become clear that they are abusing that trust. They have operated in the dark for far too long. It’s time to bring oversight and transparency to the PBMs. I stand ready to support the auditor general’s recommendations,” Matzie said.

A full copy of the auditor general’s report can be downloaded here.