House unanimously adopts Matzie’s ‘Limb Loss Awareness Month’ resolution

Honors amputees’ resolve, seeks to raise awareness on causes

HARRISBURG, March 25 – Honoring the many Americans living with limb loss – and raising awareness about the causes – are the dual aims of a resolution the House adopted unanimously today, according to the author, state Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny.

House Resolution 159 designates April 2019 as “Limb Loss Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania, and Matzie said he hopes its passage will help shed light on a growing health risk.

“Limb loss affects about 2 million Americans, including thousands of Pennsylvanians,” Matzie said. “It’s important to honor these strong individuals who continue leading productive lives while navigating the physical, emotional and financial challenges of living without a limb – challenges many of us can only imagine.

“But beyond honoring the strength and resolve of amputees, it’s important that we raise awareness about the causes of limb loss, because those causes have potential implications for millions of Pennsylvanians. Statistics show that more than half of all surgical amputations – a total of 54 percent – are the result of vascular disease. Moreover, the number of amputees is growing because of diabetes-related limb amputations, particularly among older Americans.

“But there’s also some good news: we know that there are ways Pennsylvanians can reduce their risk, through lifestyle changes and with the support of their families and physicians. It’s my hope that Limb Loss Awareness Month will get Pennsylvanians thinking, talking and visiting their physicians to see how they can reduce their risk before amputation becomes a necessity.”