‘Teacher in the Workplace’ grant of more than $44,000 to bring job-based learning to Beaver County schools

HARRISBURG, April 11 – A $44,044 grant will give Beaver County educators the knowledge and experience to integrate real-world, job-based learning into the curriculum, state Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, announced today.

The grant, awarded under the state Teacher in the Workplace Program, will allow 15 teachers to explore six area businesses and meet with employers to develop an in-depth understanding about local business opportunities, job skill sets and workforce trends.

“This funding will allow our Beaver County educators to take real-world information they learn from employers, carry it back to the classroom, and enhance the learning experience for students in an incredibly valuable way,” Matzie said. “Bolstering the curriculum with real-work applications in mathematics and other subjects helps students become versed in the skills they’ll need in the modern workforce and makes it easier for them to step into real-world positions. Beyond that, it gives our local employers a better-qualified, better-prepared pool of new employees, which in the end strengthens the entire workforce.”

In addition to the Beaver County grant, Matzie noted that multiple schools in Allegheny County will benefit from additional grants totaling nearly $250,000. Those grants will fund efforts to increase educators and students' awareness of high-priority occupations and to introduce work-readiness subjects into the curriculum.                                                                

The Teacher in the Workplace grants are funded through federal money made available from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act. Federal dollars financed 91.4%, or $2.6 million of the TIW grants. Local workforce investment boards provided matching funds for 9.6% or $248,141 for these projects.

An audio clip of Rep. Matzie discussing the grant is available here.