House unanimously adopts Matzie’s ‘National Train Day’ resolution

HARRISBURG, May 7 – The House today unanimously adopted a resolution designating May 11 as “National Train Day” in Pennsylvania, according to the author, state Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny. House Resolution 295 recognizes the history and importance of railroads in the commonwealth and throughout the country.

“National Train Day has special significance here in Pennsylvania because of the way railroads transformed our economy and way of life,” Matzie said. “With rail transport, industries flourished throughout the state, smaller towns became urban centers, and the demand for iron and coal catapulted the commonwealth into an industrial powerhouse. Pennsylvanians are aware of this rich history and proud of how the railroads are an essential part of our industrial roots.”

Matzie added that rail travel remains an important mode of transportation that eases congestion on our roads and in the skies, links cities and rural communities, and provides a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation that contributes to our energy security.

National Train Day was first established in 2008 to educate the public about the rich history of our nation’s trains and the advantages of rail travel.  The day is marked annually on the Saturday closest to May 10, which is the day the nation’s first transcontinental railway was completed in 1869 in Promontory, Utah.