Matzie: Nearly $255,000 in tax credits awarded to support Beaver County building renovation projects

AMBRIDGE, Nov. 21 – New tax credits totaling nearly $255,000 will support revitalization projects in Aliquippa and Monaca, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced today.

Matzie, D-Beaver, said the tax credits – awarded through the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assistance Program – will leverage investments in key projects to transform the landscape.

“Tax credits spur investments that can breathe new life into distressed areas,” Matzie said. “The  newly awarded credits will help us build on revitalization efforts underway in Aliquippa and Monaca by supporting renovation projects that will add jobs, expand affordable housing and draw new commercial tenants.”

Matzie said the funding includes:   

  • $132,572 in tax credits to BIL Holdings LLC to support a project to rehabilitate a Monaca building into a mixed-used space including two fully renovated apartments with separate entrances and a refurbished façade. The project will include new wiring, lighting, HVAC systems, installing windows and other work.
  • $122,279 in tax credits to Holdings LLC to support a project to renovate a building that has been vacant for 13 years. The work will include installing a new roof, solar panels, HVAC infrastructure and new windows, as well as exterior work and fencing.

In addition to the tax credits supporting the Aliquippa and Monaca projects, more than $1.3 million in tax credits was awarded to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, which distributes food to residents in Beaver County and 10 other counties. 

More information about the funding is available here: