Matzie encourages municipalities, community groups to apply to Digital Connectivity Technology Program

Program will distribute $20 million in laptops to community organizations

AMBRIDGE, June 21 – State Rep. Rob Matzie is encouraging local municipalities, nonprofit groups, libraries and other community organizations statewide to apply to the newly opened Digital Connectivity Technology Program.

Matzie – who is chairman of the PA House Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities Committee and a board member of the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority – said the PBDA will be purchasing and distributing $20 million in laptops so communities can make that technology available for residents.

“Everything we’re doing on the broadband authority is focused on one main goal: ensuring folks have quick, reliable, affordable access to the wealth of opportunities available online – from job openings and state programs to telemedicine and shopping,” Matzie said. “We’ve made great progress getting the infrastructure and funding in place for areas that have lacked those high-speed connections, but affording hardware like laptops and computers is still a barrier for some households.

“This program will allow community organizations to obtain laptops and make them available for residents. I’m urging municipalities, libraries, nonprofits – every group eligible – to apply as soon as possible.”

Matzie said eligible applicants include community organizations such as libraries, municipalities, workforce training organizations, nonprofit groups and other anchor institutions located in areas where affordability has been identified as a barrier to broadband adoption.

Applications are being accepted now through August 19. More information about the program is available here: