Matzie recognizes Pennsylvania’s pollinators

HARRISBURG, June 15 – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously adopted a resolution authored by state Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, that would designate the week of June 20-26 as Pollinator Week in Pennsylvania. 

Matzie’s resolution is intended to highlight the necessity of pollinators, including birds, insects and especially bees, both in the ecosystem and for the security of the food supply.

“Many types of birds and insects, in particular bees, are essential partners for farmers in the commonwealth and across the globe,” Matzie said. “My resolution also recognizes the important role beekeepers play in the pollination process, which enables the production of many of the foods produced in Pennsylvania's agriculture industry.”

Matzie’s resolution recognizes the state’s Bee Law, which provides conservation assistance for the protection and maintenance of pollinators and their habitats through the Department of Agriculture.

"Our pollinators also play a vital role in preserving the health of our national forests and grasslands, which provide fish, wildlife, timber, water, mineral resources and recreational opportunities,” Matzie said. “It is clear to me that without our pollinators, the commonwealth would be a very different place.”

It also notes the work of the Pollinator Partnership, a nonprofit organization that protects the health of native pollinating animals vital to North American ecosystems; the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association; the Department of Agriculture; and other stakeholders who help to promote pollination, beekeeping and honey production in Pennsylvania.