Matzie resolution honors Pennsylvanians with disabilities

HARRISBURG, Jan. 23 – State Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, said the state House of Representatives today unanimously adopted his resolution designating Monday, Jan. 30, as “Pennsylvanians with Disabilities Day.”

“All of us benefit by honoring and understanding the outstanding achievements of commonwealth citizens with disabilities,” Matzie said. “Their accomplishments, attained with remarkable perseverance and passion, are an inspiration for all.”

Matzie said his House Resolution 34 recognizes citizens with disabilities who have distinguished themselves and the commonwealth in the spirit of the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“January 30th is FDR’s birth date, and his refusal to let his paralysis from polio deter him in any way makes the date so very notable,” Matzie said. “Honoring the amazing lives led by those with disabilities across our state is a testament to grit, fortitude and determination.”

Matzie said “Pennsylvanians with Disabilities Day” began with legislation approved in 1988 and continues to advance increased independence and inclusiveness for those with physical and intellectual disabilities.

“On January 30th and every day we should recommit ourselves to making life more equitable for all Pennsylvanians,” said Matzie, who praised an executive order signed by Gov. Tom Wolf in March 2016 establishing an “Employment First” policy for all executive branch agencies and exploring policies to boost competitive, integrated employment for Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

“When we fully value all citizens, the dividends are shared by all,” Matzie said.