McCarter: Wolf’s Medicaid expansion right decision for Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG, Feb. 9 – State Rep. Steve McCarter, D-Montgomery, applauded the decision by Gov. Tom Wolf to fully expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania.

"The expansion of Medicaid has been a long time coming, and I’m proud Pennsylvania finally has a governor who realized the importance of expansion and what it can do for the health of our citizens," McCarter said. "The Corbett plan was simply a weakened alternative to expansion that was overly confusing, unnecessarily difficult to navigate and placed the health of those trying to access health care at risk.

"The full expansion is a win-win-win for Pennsylvanians. Expansion will create between 35,000 and 40,000 jobs, cover hundreds of thousands of uninsured Pennsylvanians, and open the flow of federal money into our state. This infusion will greatly benefit the current budget shortfall we’re experiencing due to a lack of vision from the previous administration. Most importantly, this will lead to a more vibrant Pennsylvania with healthier citizens, and I commend Governor Wolf for doing the right thing."

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